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Postal Prices Soaring: How IT Departments are Feeling the Squeeze

Postage costs have been on the rise.

It's not just the cost of postage that's the issue, high postage costs impact the efficiency of your IT estate. 

In today's business world, the cost of postage can be a major concern for IT departments and companies of all sizes. As postage costs continue to rise, it can be a significant burden on the budget and can negatively impact the efficiency and productivity of an IT department.

and also, lowering postage costs would be a huge benefit for your business because by consolidating shipments and using more efficient shipping methods, you can reduce the number of packages and letters you need to send, thus reducing your carbon footprint.

Limiting Resources

One of the primary ways that rising postage costs can affect IT departments is by limiting the resources available for other important projects and investments. When a significant portion of the budget is dedicated to postage costs, it can be difficult to justify investments in technology or upgrades that can improve the efficiency and productivity of the IT department.

For example, if a company is spending a large portion of its budget on postage, it may be difficult to justify investments in new software or hardware that can help the IT department run more efficiently. This can lead to delays in implementing new technology, which can negatively impact the productivity and efficiency of the IT department.

Similarly, high postage costs can also make it difficult to invest in training and development programs for IT staff. This can limit the department's ability to stay current with the latest technology and best practices, which can negatively impact the efficiency and productivity of the department.

Prevents Growth

Another way that rising postage costs can impact IT departments is by affecting the scalability of the business. As a company grows, the need to send more letters and packages increases, but high postage costs can make it difficult to scale operations effectively. This can lead to inefficiencies and can negatively impact the bottom line. It can also be difficult for the company to justify the expenses associated with reaching new customers.

Ways To Combat This

One of the ways to reduce all postage costs in your IT Department or Company, is by successfully outsourcing this business process, so you can let the professionals do what they are best at, while you can take time to strategize and find new ways to be efficient and grow in your industry. After a recent review with one of their Hardware as a Service client, we found that after just 12 months of using the service, they have saved over £30K on postage costs alone.

BornGood's Hardware as a Service Suite is a good example of how outsourcing can be a huge benefit in costs and in the bottom line. Through this service we can upgrade, place, and manage your IT infrastructure, without spending the big bucks, and in a Green and Environmentally friendly way. 

They individualise the service according to their client's needs and give solutions to the pain points that a company may be facing. 

If you want to know more about HaaS Suite do check it out  Here:


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